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3. H&M (September 26, 2011)
Monday, September 26, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

I think I might be really in to blogging now that I've transferred back to Blogger and now that I have a month holiday with basically nothing much to do. But okay, I'm trying to keep myself occupied, I guess?

Went to school with Amirah to pick up our artwork which was really annoying because...we wanted to go shopping at Orchard Road. We dealt with carrying it in our bags and headed off to Town. Stopped at Long John Silver to eat first before heading to H&M.

We bought pants. We definitely took a lot of time deciding whether to get it or not. Amirah had a hard time thinking of which color to buy. I don't exactly wear pants a lot because I'm actually quite insecure about my legs, but I thought the color was pretty and it actually suited me a lot....I think? Anyway, because they have a 30-day exchange/return policy, I thought, 'Why not, let's just buy it and get home and ask for Mom's opinion.' Sounded like a good plan to me.

5. Personal

We then headed off to walk around town. Amirah wasn't sure whether she was supposed to meet her friends to help out with something but in the end, we didn't have to meet up with them. So, we decided to go to Far East Plaza. Honestly, I only like Func Deko. But, sometimes it's really easy to find clothes and shoes there.

8. Personal

9. Personal

I wanted to take a few new photos, so we went to the underpass to try and get still shots with a blurry background of people walking. It was quite nerve wrecking standing there with a bunch of crowd rushing to the MRT station because everyone would stare at you thinking you're aliens from out of town blocking their way. I guess our shots turned out fun, thanks to Amirah.

10. Personal

6. Personal

7. Personal

We walked around Ion and also went to Muji. We were quite exhausted despite the fact we actually.......didn't do much. HAHA. No, I'm serious. I'm always going home early when I'm out with her. My mom must think I'm becoming such a good girl. No, I have always been one. K.

See you strangers.

2. FLB 7 (September 24, 2011)
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

So yesterday I went out with Amirah.

Honestly speaking, I think FLB is the best flea market there is in Singapore because of the fact they attract really good people that sells amazingly pretty and cheap thrills. I think I should've bought more stuff because it was really cheap, but meh. There were a few TP Design students selling their clothes and we went to see vintage pieces being sold by our very own VSC seniors. I bought a skirt from her for $7 but when I got home, it didn't fit me. Thank God Amirah's buying it from me! I also bought a really pretty tie dye backpack for $15 as well as Ozzy Osbourne/John Lennon round sunglasses for $6. Heh.

3. Personal (Tie-Dye Bag)

4. Personal (Round Sunglasses)

After FLB we went to Art Friend at Bras Basah and Haji Lane to TRY and find a job but failed. We headed on to Town because Amirah wanted to go to H&M to get her pants but as usual, there's always a queue on weekends. It's insane.

I was looking for earphones and she thought that the flea market at Scape might have affordable ones. It's not unusual that when you want to find something, it's never there and when you don't, it usually it. Also, it was really hot and stuffy, so we decided to head in Cineleisure. She accompanied me to Pastamania to have an early dinner and then headed to Burger King where she ate HER early dinner. We so weird.

1. Personal (Amirah)

2. Personal (Me)

We made a move on to City Hall wanting to go to Esplanade to chill. But it was only available for those with F1 tickets. We stopped by Starbucks in Marina Square and I indulged myself in a double chocolate muffin. I rarely go to Starbucks nowadays so I thought that it'd be okay. We kept on hearing the sound of the race cars and got really excited so we went to the rooftop of Marina Square to get a slight view of the racers racing. It got a bit boring after awhile.

We window shopped a bit in Marina Square before heading towards the MRT station to head home. Bumped in to Danial who was supposed to be at the rooftop too but...late. Haha. Amirah and I were pretty exhausted by the time we were in the train.

Can't wait to see what I have in store for myself during my holidays. It's nice not having to worry about any work. Had an amazing time with my babygirl. Love you.

See you strangers.

1. Lykke Li (September 21, 2011)
Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

27. Lykke Li

I'm back on Blogger. I've decided to separate my personal posts from Tumblr to Blogger. So Tumblr is only where I reblog shit that I like. Actually, I'm just going to test this out, going to see how it's like.

Wednesday, September 21st, another great night of my life. I went to watch Lykke Li live at Esplanade Concert Hall. I bought the tickets late, so my seat was assigned at Q. However, Ayesha was kind enough to let me follow her to Row A.

After having a hectic day at school, I went to meet Ayesha and Soufi at Esplanade. It was my first time meeting both of them. I thought it would be awkward but hell, we clicked immediately and that's what I love about them, the fact that it was so easy to become friends with them.

It was quite exciting to finally get to be at Lykke Li's debut concert in Singapore. Honestly, I never thought I would have the chance to see her live. Same goes with Two Door Cinema Club concert that I went to in August. We sat at Row A but when Soufi squeezed on a seat with me, a really "concerned" security came to us and told me that I should go back to my seat before the concert starts. They really didn't let me stay there. My girls and I also met this really nice guy but we never got to get his name or Facebook, which is such a pity! Such a sweetheart.

I went back to my Q seat. I was honestly worried that I wasn't able to go back. The lights went dim, I saw a few girls trying to get to the front so I went to follow them and stood in front. There were 2 security in front talking and trying to discuss how to stop us. I was alone so I slipped past them and ran towards the middle so that they won't catch up to me. I felt so badass, I'm sorry. After pushing by Two Door Cinema Club's security, I think I'm going to always feel badass about pushing every security. HAHAHA.

I was worried I couldn't find Ayesha and Soufi so I shouted Soufi's name and thank God I found them! Some girl went to Row B and the security followed her and told her to go back to her seat and she had no choice. Bummer, I was worried at first but hell, I was already in the middle, I don't think they can even tell me to go back.

Anyway, Lykke Li's opening was amazing and her setlist rocked. Jumped and danced like crazy with my girls. Honestly one of the best people to go to a gig, so I'm hoping to go with them for the next ones. I managed to take some really great shots. Lykke Li kept looking at me when she sang as well as in to my camera so I managed to get good shots of her. I'm so happy.

After the gig, we pushed past everyone to the point we were called bitches. Now, now, words like that shouldn't be used. We wanted to get in to the line for the autograph session. We managed to get a hug from her as well as an autograph but it was such a pity that they didn't allow photos to be taken with her! That's pretty lame. I let Amirah's friends cut the queue and be in line with me. Hehe.

We stayed a while after until she left. It was quite sad and I really didn't believe she was there, it's as though it wasn't real at all. But it was amazing. We headed home after that.

Ayesha and Soufi found a video of Lykke Li performing 'Little Bit' in Singapore with us girls jumping, dancing and singing along.

Here it is:
I'm the one in white with the DSLR, Soufi's next to me in green with the camera and Ayesha is next to her in black with black glasses. Look at how awesome we are and look at how near we are to her AND look at how smacked in the middle we are in that concert.

To a great night. 2011 has been the best year so far with all the amazing bands that have come to Singapore. All my best nights at gigs, I must thank this year.

Enjoy the pictures that I've taken! Please do not take them whatsoever without my permission or even if you do, please do not take off the credit, thank you!

2. Lykke Li

1. Lykke Li

3. Lykke Li

4. Lykke Li

5. Lykke Li

6. Lykke Li

7. Lykke Li

8. Lykke Li

9. Lykke Li

10. Lykke Li

11. Lykke Li

12. Lykke Li

13. Lykke Li

14. Lykke Li

15. Lykke Li

16. Lykke Li

17. Lykke Li

18. Lykke Li

19. Lykke Li

20. Lykke Li

21. Lykke Li

22. Lykke Li

23. Lykke Li

24. Lykke Li

25. Lykke Li

26. Lykke Li

28. Lykke Li

29. Lykke Li

30. Lykke Li

31. Lykke Li

32. Lykke Li

33. Lykke Li

34. Lykke Li

35. Lykke Li

36. Lykke Li

37. Lykke Li

38. Lykke Li

39. Lykke Li

40. Lykke Li

41. Lykke Li

See you strangers.

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