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8. Lucy Rose replied my tweet (October 26, 2011)
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

Earlier today, I wanted to practice drawing in pen for my upcoming assignments, so I drew beautiful Lucy Rose. Her vocals accompanying Jack Steadman's in a lot of Bombay Bicycle Club's songs are always amazing. I've been listening to her single 'Middle Of The Bed' and I loved her hair in the movie which was a plus because I haven't been so great at drawing hair with a pen so I drew her. I wanted to reach that level of style that I like for my assignment.

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 6.09.13 PM


lucy rose

I tagged Lucy Rose (@lucyrosemusic) on Twitter showing her the drawing I drew of her. I know it doesn't look exactly like her, but I enjoyed drawing her. I took a nap and when I checked Twitter again, she replied with 'looks great'! I was beyond shocked and so happy that I received a reply from her! I really wasn't expecting anything. When I checked, she replied to an untagged tweet that I wrote of me drawing her. I was thinking she might've scrolled through my Twitter? Anyway, thank you so much Lucy for such a pleasant reply! (:

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 5.29.12 PM

To watch Lucy Rose - Middle of the Bed: [x]

See you strangers.

7. Dr Martens T-Bar Maryjanes (October 15, 2011)
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

Photo on 15-10-11 at 11.26 PM #4



Funny how I called you all sick because I'm sick. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life before or rather, I don't think I've ever had such a high fever: 39.4 Insane. I was shivering, I was burning, I had runny nose. The doctor said that I had a sinus infection. Whoa. My mom took care of me the whole day and I'm so thankful. A mother's love for her child is unconditional which is why I'll always love her with that same amount of love she showers me. I love you Momma, thank you for taking care of me, I don't know what I'd do without you. <3

I've been quite busy lately because I've been working part-time at my cousin's bookshop. It's quite tiring and I think a part of it has contributed to me being sick because of the dust and opening boxes since I have a really sensitive nose. Since it's a job, I had to suck it in and do it without any complaint. It's been fun though, everyone's friendly.

I went to Dr.Martens on Thursday to buy my T-Bar Maryjanes after they called me on Tuesday but they size 36 went out of stock after 2 days of just returning back in stock! I was so shocked and extremely disappointed but the sales assistant told me that there might be my size coming in the next day. I asked countless of times for them to reserve it for me and thankfully, they allowed it. I had a gut feeling that the guy pitied me too because I knew he recognized me after I bought my dark brown ones AND asking him countless of times when the Maryjanes were coming in. I must thank them so much.

Of course, I went sick, so my sister was kind enough to pick it up for me today! So, when she came home after work, I was so excited, I almost jizzed in my pants! It fits me perfectly! My Momma said they were cute and even my brother who's not a fan of Dr Martens says they're cute! Teehee.

Sickgurl_94@becomeshappy.com MY T-BAR MARYJANES ARE SO PRETTYYY!!! Don't worry, I won't neglect my pretty dark brown ones. ;D

See you strangers.

6. Jakarta (October 7th to 10th, 2011)
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!




I had a nice getaway to Jakarta for the weekend for 4 days! I went there to attend my cousin, Dion's wedding with Mimoy!

Despite the major insanity of Jakarta's traffic, I had a great time. But the traffic is.....crazy. We didn't stay at the normal Alila Hotel, instead, we stayed near the wedding venue as well as my aunt's house which took about 2 hours or more to get to from the airport. I'm telling you, after sleeping the car for a few hours, I'd wake up still stuck in traffic.

There's nothing much to elaborate on except my family and I only got to shop for one day. The hotel we stayed at was perfect. The wedding was really different from how it is in Singapore. I had to be part of it with my sister to give gifts to the lady's side. The place was gorgeous.

I had a few disappointments during the trip, but I still had fun with my loved ones. (: It's still good as ever to be back in Singapore because whenever I travel, there'll always be something that I appreciate even more when I get back.

One of THE best highlights of my time there was when my mom spotted a shop in Cilandak Mall called, 'Nidia Toys.' I'm still amazed.

Oh and Risyah was in the same flight as me! She was also in Jakarta for a few days! Heh.

There are A LOT of unflattering photos of me but anyway, enjoy the pictures! (:



























See you strangers.

5. Silly kids (October 2, 2011)
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

I had an interesting dream. I shot people in the head to save myself. I was being hunted, like people wanted me dead. It was....intense. I love dreams like these.

Nyah. I went to Clementi....alone. ALONE. It was so depressing. Haha, no, actually, I was able to clear my thoughts and.......yeah no, the ride was so nyah because my earphones were spoilt so I couldn't fully listen to my music at peace.

I went to Bugis after that to get totes from Muji. Mujeh. I haven't thought of the aztec pattern that I need to do for my friend. Holidays = still busy.

I just realised all my blog posts are really detailed. Like..what I do and what time and who was there with me and how funny it was, etc, etc.

Photo on 2-10-11 at 5.18 PM

Photo on 2-10-11 at 5.18 PM #2

Photo on 2-10-11 at 5.19 PM #2

Photo on 2-10-11 at 5.20 PM #2

Photo on 2-10-11 at 5.21 PM #2

Okay anyway, I went home then headed back out to meet Amirah. I must say that after Poly started, I don't think that I would've managed school without her with me. This bitch is probably annoyed with me for saying that countless of times. Hahahahahahahah k. I updated her with...a lot of my shit at McCafe. And we ate ice cream. NO MORE BUTTERSCOTCH, TSK WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY? K. Headed to Each A Cup to get Amirah's bubble tea, Challenger to get my earphones, then to Times to get my Nylon magazine, then to Sasa to get Amirah's face mask and then she headed home.

Photo on 2-10-11 at 8.12 PM #2

Photo on 2-10-11 at 8.13 PM #2

Photo on 2-10-11 at 8.13 PM #3

Photo on 2-10-11 at 8.17 PM #3

Photo on 2-10-11 at 8.19 PM

I went to meet Danial after that. I waited for him outside Topman until he finished work. This boy wanted me to go in and I was too....shy? HAHA I'M SO LAME. No because it would be awkward. We went to McCafe to chill and I told him about....................and we talked about music and gigs and life and people and more about people and joked and laughed and watched stand-up comedy on my laptop and took photos with Photobooth and...yep.

Anyway a great day and night with amazing people. I should have more days like this, just sitting somewhere to talk and make a fool of ourselves. I don't see it as a waste of time like how my parents probably will, I see it as a bonding session. I get to know my babies so much better. Love you guys. Muaahhh xx

See you strangers.

4. DB39 Chalet (September 29th/30th, 2011)
Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hell-oh, sick people!

Day 1
Because of the change of date in DB39's class chalet, I was a bit reluctant to go for it but I went anyway because I wanted to spend time with my classmates. I met up with Amirah first and we headed to Costa Sands Pasir Ris. We weren't allowed to check in yet because they delayed our time so we all chilled at the lobby.


Once we got in, we started to get the fire up and get barbecuing. It was pretty fun to be honest. More people came and we just relaxed in the room. A few of my classmates brought guitars so me and Esther decided to jam and do Bon Iver's Skinny Love. It was quite awesome. My girls called me up to the room because they wanted to pillow fight me. Haha, those bitchesss, muah!



We ate like..........mad hungry people. Amirah, Clara, Tian Ran and Ning went out to to cycle and I followed by jogging alongside them. We went to E!hub wanting to buy a cable but in the end, we didn't and they headed to Courts while I went back to the chalet. At night, a few of us started playing Truth or...Truth. We asked each other questions and everything was revealed. Pretty dramatic night. Haha no, it was alright.

Day 2


I got to play a few songs from my iPod. Okay, random. Amirah and a few of my girls had to go home. So the rest of us girls like Muneera, Clara, Cleo, Esther and Rachel continued finding out more about each other and I think I loved that part of the chalet the most because I got to get to know my girls better. We bonded pretty well. Zaidi and Andrew were in the same room as us and just listened. The rest of my classmates got drunk outside. Pretty scary for a minute there.

Most of them went for night cycling while I put my classmate, Lucas, to sleep. He was pretty wasted so a few of us took care of him. I made sure he slept and he finally did, haha, that silly boy. Anyway, Zaidi, Esther, Ning, Matthew and I had a bonding session and talked a lot while the rest were out cycling. When they came back, Lucas woke up and I talked to him and Tian Ran.

I went out to chill with the Muneera, Rachel, Joon and Wen Ya until it was close to 0600h. I headed off with Andrew to the bus stop because I wanted to go home to bathe and sleep while he had to go to work. It was awkward taking the bus at that time because everyone was heading to school or work and smelled so good while I was stinking up the whole area. HAHA. When I got home, I quickly had a great and amazing shower, then slept until 1430h.

I got ready and went off to go back to chalet. I went to meet Amirah, Tamelia, Zaidi and Esther at E!hub because they wanted to watch a movie. I, however, didn't really want to. So I managed to persuade them not to. We went to McDonalds to talk and waste our time. Afterwhich, we decided to go cycling. I went on with roller blades. But I hadn't roller bladed since years ago so it was pretty painful. I got used to it for a while but I was lacking behind my friends and couldn't take it. I got a bit pissy, haha, sorry babies. I went back alone and returned my roller blades in time. As I was on my way to the chalet room, Muneera and Rachel were at the lobby, so I joined them.



A lot of my classmates went home so there were only a few of us. They were watching a Soul Surfer so I joined in as well. Zaidi, Tamelia and Wai Yi started the fire and once the movie ended, I went to try and help them. That night, we spent it on eating and continued asking each other very kinky and interesting questions during Truth or Truth.


Most of my girls left and a few of us played with fire sparklers and did light painting. It was pretty rad! I hung out with Amirah and Tian Ran at the second floor room. Wai Yi joined us and we continued to talk. Then, it was already getting late, so me, Amirah and Tian Ran headed back home. Super tired.


Day 1











Day 2






















See you strangers.

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